Street Food IFTAR in Karachi for RAMADAN!!! EXTREME Chicken Chargha + IFTARI Street Food in Pakistan

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Today, I’m (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) and my friends Shehroze and Alizeh are bringing you in FULL ON for a huge IFTAR Pakistani Street food in Karachi tour for RAMZAN also known as Ramadan!! We’re trying EXTREME Chicken Chargha cooked right on the street using local Pakistani recipes and spices and we are also going exploring down burns road in Karachi for lots more delicious street food!

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In this IFTAR Street Food tour of Karachi, Pakistan,We’re going street food rangin’ for tons of famous Pakistani Street Food in Karachi, mostly all the BEST and most famous Iftar Street food in Karachi, like samosas, gulab jamon, jalebi, extreme street chicken, and also some insanely delicious Pulao!! At first, I thought it was biryani, but it’s actually Pulao!! It was full of chickpeas!

Karachi street food is VERY delicious and famous for food lovers! In this street food video, I’m starting out by exploring burns road and finding a famous Chicken chargha, WHOLE chicken coated in masala and spice and deep fried in the richest, darkest oil. I bought a whole chicken and packed it up in a bag and kept exploring the deep back alleys near burns road for more famous Pakistani street food.

After this, I found an alleyway selling thousands and thousands of unique street foods, right off of Burns road in Karachi. I stopped at the first and most busiest stall I saw, selling famous Pakistani pakoras, samosas, jalebi desserts, and more. I ordered a few of the best street foods I saw and tried to pay but no one would accept my payment!

Then, we’re meeting up with my friends Shehroze and Alizeh to break the fast for the Iftar for Ramzan (Ramadan). We found a local restaurant and brought all the food in and purchased some extra street food and started eating!

The next day, Shehroze and Alizeh are bringing us to a very local style place to break the fast with all the locals, right under a bridge! There were HUGE pots of biryani and pulao and everyone was waiting patiently for the food. We helped serve the biryani and pulao and then had a taste for ourselves! It was one of the BEST pulao rice I’ve ever tasted!

I hope you’re enjoying this big Pakistani street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

There is much more street food in our Pakistani food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!


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