Most EXTREME Street Food Tour of Bangkok, Thailand – 6 INSANE and UNIQUE Street Foods of Thailand!!!

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Get ready for the ULTIMATE street food tour of Bangkok, Thailand!

Get ready for some of the best street food in Asia!! You’re going to love these street food videos on my channel (The Food Ranger), so make sure to click the subscribe button to see more of these food vlogs!

Today, I’m (Trevor James, The Food Ranger) traveling around Bangkok along with my wife Ting and taking you in for an INSANE street food tour of Bangkok, Thailand! We’re going to have so much INSANE Thai Street Food!!!

Today we’re bringing you for 6 street foods in Bangkok!! here we go!

And first up, we’re going in for one of the MOST UNIQUE street foods in Bangkok, actually a slightly Thai Chinese recipe, you gotta see how this one is made!
► Restaurant name: Ramruay Pochana, Bangkok

and After this , we’re bringing you in for one of the most famous street foods in Thailand, but here, made cowboy style!
►Restaurant name: Pad Thai Narok Taek

And then after this, we’re bringing you in for perhaps the best fried chicken in Thailand, if not the world! This is like 1000 times better than KFC!
►Shop name: Polo Fried Chicken

And next up, we’re bringing you in for another famous street food in Thailand, the ultimate street pancake, you gotta see how this one is made!
► Shop Name: Nang Linchi Thai Roti

And to finish up the day, we’re going in for the BIGGEST and most amazing Tom Yum in Bangkok!
►Shop Name: Pe Aor Tom Yum Kung Noodle

I hope you enjoyed this video, more of a street food tour than a Buzzfeed video!!!

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